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Hallelujah Moment From Laos

'A Dream Come True'

by T. and J. Vang

Children model new school uniforms.
Children model new school uniforms.
Image by: courtesy of the Vangs
Source: Mission Education

The children had visited the school several times just to touch the school desks and practice holding their pencils. They could hardly wait to don their school uniforms.

When the anxiously awaited day finally arrived, the children set off to school. The look in their eyes told the miraculous story of a dream come true. Some looked scared, but most were elated and overjoyed. Even the mothers who stood beside their children felt disbelief at this wonderful opportunity.

Children under the age of 14 make up 43 percent of the population in Laos. The illiteracy rate among children in rural areas is higher than 40 percent, generally affecting tribal people. Ninety percent of the Lao United Methodist Church members belong to tribes dwelling in the countryside where education is limited.

Going to school is a luxury - if not an anomaly - for tribal people, mainly due to lack of funds for uniforms and school supplies. Yet, this year, dreams came true for 150 children because of people like you who cared enough to help.

In many countries around the world, families are required to purchase uniforms, books and school supplies in order to have the privilege of attending school. This can be very costly when you have a limited income, especially for large families.

The Vangs are United Methodist missionaries.

Ways to Support This Ministry

You can support the ministry of the Vangs by sharing your gifts through the Advance:

  • #15074Z, #15073Z - J. and T. Vang, Global Ministries Missionaries

  • #14927A - Congregational Development Program,
    Christian education, congregational formation, evangelism, health-care, leadership training, and village development for an emerging church.
    (To help provide school uniforms, books and supplies, please use this ADVANCE number and specify "School supplies-Laos" on your check.)

Learn more about The Vangs, and other United Methodist missionaries at:

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Mission from the Mission Education unit of the General Board of Global Ministries.

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Source: Mission Education

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Date posted: Nov 02, 2007