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JustUs Youth Group Leads 9/11 Worship Service in New York City
JustUs Youth Group
JustUs Youth Group leading worship at the General Board of Global Ministries on the sixth anniversary of 9/11.
Image by: Marilyn Higgins
Source: GBGM Administration

A group of young people representing JustUS Youth led worship at the General Board of Global Ministries on September 11, 2007 in New York City. It was the sixth anniversary of the 9/11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City and the Washington, DC area and of the related plane crash in Pennsylvania. The young people wrote the commemorative litany below. L. Michelle Jackson, one of the group, from Grace United Methodist Church in Conyers, GA, is the author of the poem.

Poem by L. Michelle Jackson
Grace United Methodist Church, Conyers, GA

Six years ago our nation was devastated by terrorist attacks
Many lives were broken and scarred in a horrible way
Our nation was in disarray
So does one explain
How does one express
The pain we felt
Such emptiness

Six years ago a seed was planted even in such despair
People came together
To show they care
Five years ago the seed had taken root
Through as a nation we were weak
We did not die
Though the memories still made us cry

Two years ago the root had grown and stronger still was our country
And the bond we had was unbelievable
And today I stand before you

We stand before you as Americans with the memory embedded in our minds
And the love of our country in our hearts
So let us continue to remember the lives lost
But cherish the ones still here
Let us not look at ground zero as a finale but let's continue to look at it as an opening act to a better America

An America that loves and accepts everyone
An America that other nations look up to
An America worth living in


JustUs Youth Reflective Litany

Leader: All the young people who experienced despair or confusion due to the chaos of Tuesday, September 11, 2001 remember…

People: His mercy endureth forever!

Leader: Feelings of disbelief, loneliness and fear but I remembered…

People: God's mercy endureth forever!

Leader: Shocked and angry…with tears in my eyes; what can I do-how can I help? Then I remembered…

People: His mercy endureth forever!

Leader: I was too young to understand…but old enough to care…

People: God's mercy endureth forever!

Leader: My teachers wouldn't talk about it. Still so many unanswered questions. Then I remembered…

People: His mercy endureth forever!

Leader: Angry because they don't belong in this country; people of a foreign tongue. Angry because they tried to destroy our pride…not realizing they represent methey represent us, God's children…

People: God's mercy endureth forever!

Leader: Feeling as though I committed the crime…the random searches, the look and gaze of hatred, but I remembered…

People: God's mercy endureth forever!

Leader: For all the young people who face discrimination because of their ethnicity and religious beliefs, understand…

People: God's mercy endureth forever!

Leader: When I think of all the people who lost family members, parents friends loved ones my heart was crushed, but now…

Together: I acknowledge that God's love for ALL outweighs the negativity of this world. Therefore, I will give glory, honor and praise, for his mercy Endureth Forever!

JustUs Youth equips and supports Christian youth who are committed to community justice projects that address specific problems or needs. The program is rooted in the belief that Christ has commissioned each disciple to feed the hungry and to care for those rejected by society. It also holds that constructive social change is possible by collective efforts. JustUS Youth, part of the Community Developers Program of Global Ministries, is supported by the Human Relations Day special offering. Twenty-five young people gathered at the Global Ministries headquarters on September 7-11 for days of personal and spiritual development.

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Date posted: Sep 11, 2007