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Hallelujah Moment from Zimbabwe

Memories of Baby Canada

by Melissa Maher

Melissa with Martin and Chenai: “Two of my next-door neighbors at the orphanage.”
Melissa with Martin and Chenai: “Two of my next-door neighbors at the orphanage.”
Image by: Courtesy Melissa Maher
Source: Mission Education

It is my third day Fairfield Orphanage in Zimbabwe, and today we attended the funeral of a small baby, less than two months old, named Canada. The coffin was small, too small for a full life to have existed.

Each life is important and contributes something to this world. The women at the service sang, and we walked in a processional up to a spot on the mountain where the little girl would be buried.

When we first got to the top of the hill, I noticed the small hole—less than two feet long—a hole that would serve as the grave. As I looked around there were eight to ten other small burial sites marked by medium-sized red rocks—memories of other babies who came into the world and exited too quickly.

The important thing here at the orphanage is that every life is remembered and honored, no matter how short or how long.

Melissa Maher served as an individual volunteer at the United Methodist Fairfield Orphanage in Zimbabwe.

Ways to Support This Ministry

The scourge of HIV/AIDS has taken a toll on the children of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS infection and one of the fastest growing rates of infant mortality in the world.

Despite the country’s serious financial crisis, The United Methodist Church remains committed to the children of Zimbabwe through funding, voluntary services and prayers.

You can support this ministry and others by sharing your gifts through the ADVANCE:

  • # 00392A – Zimbabwe General —Assistance for the total program of the church in Zimbabwe, especially projects in hospitals, women’s centers, orphanages, and schools. On your check, designate Fairfield Orphanage.
  • # 11713T – Babyfold at Old Mutare Hospital —Another orphanage in Zimbabwe that cares for infants orphaned at birth or abandoned because of deformities.

For more information on the Individual Volunteers program, visit Mission Volunteer Web Pages.

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Date posted: May 31, 2007