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Malaria Fast Facts

  • Another child will die of malaria within the next 30 seconds.

  • The disease affects 500 million people worldwide; 90 percent of whom live in sub-Sahara Africa where it kills one fifth of the children under the age of five.

  • The culprit is plasmodium, a parasite transmitted by the bite of the female anopheles mosquito.

  • Children who survive may develop chronic anemia and neurological impairment.

  • Pregnant women are particularly susceptible.

  • Symptoms take many forms—fevers and chills in mild cases, and kidney failure, bleeding, or swelling of the brain in fatal cases.

  • Malaria is both a cause of poverty and a result of poverty.

  • The lethal impact decreases the economic potential of affected countries through illness, death, and loss of productivity.

  • Malaria consumes 40 percent of public health expenditures and accounts for up to 50 percent of all outpatient visits and 30 - 50 percent of inpatient admissions in some places.


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Geographic Region: Africa
Source: GBGM Administration

Date posted: Aug 02, 2005