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Words from a sister serving in Chile

by Becky Harrell


Estimado(a) Hermanos y Hermanas.....

The days that have passed during this Lenten period have brought me into His Presence in very unexpected ways...none which could be properly expressed to you in my native tongue (or any other).

Yesterday, as we participated in a school ceremony at Kusayapu in Pachica, a single word was uttered that seemed to say it all. All of the students of the school, along with visiting parents and family members, the Bishop of the Methodist Church of Chile, the District Superintendent, a dignitary from the office of the Minister of Education in Chile, teachers and staff....all made our way into the Comodore to share lunch with each other. The school chaplain, Santiago Castellon, made his way to the center of the room and you began to hear "shhhh´s"....the room grew quiet as we prepared to receive the prayer before our could hear the chaplain´s movement as all eyes were closed and as his quiet thoughts turned to concentrate on God and the words he was about to speak. And in the midst of the silence came the squeeky voice of a 2 year old.....amen . That was his tiny, unformed vocal chords came a simple, quiet word that caused us all to open our eyes, look at the smiling faces around us with great joy in our hearts, and offer a round of applause for the simplicity of the act of that 2 year old child.

My prayer for you is about as the following site explains it better than my fingers could find words to type. So, for this Holy Week, I send you my heart that is filled with His Love and I want you to know it overflows with love to you.

Becky Harrell
Volunteer, Iglesia Metodista de Chile

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Date posted: Mar 27, 2005