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As the plane circled the airport to land your eyes were fixed on the view below. We had all watched the devastation of the earthquake unfold on TV back at home but nothing really prepared us for seeing it in person. Blue and white tarps are made into tents which are now the homes of those who escaped the shaking ground. They are all huddled together with many touching one another taking up residence in any space they can. Everyone is fearful of going back into the concrete buildings that were once their homes.
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Date posted:May 28, 2010

Missionaries Elmira Sellu (far left) and Hannah Hanson (fourth from left).

So we all got into a taxi and headed for the clinic in Alberton. After an introduction and some questions, we were asked if we wanted to be tested for HIV. I was actually hoping all of the students regardless of age or material status would get tested.

Date posted:May 27, 2010

We are often asked how Global Praise collects the songs of the world. Sometimes they are literally "under our nose." In this case, we discovered "Jezu de Nazaret" in the offices of the Church Center for the United Nations (CCUN.) Jorge Lockward, Director of Global Praise, was meeting with several colleagues as a part of planning for a Global Ministries staff worship service focused on praying for Haiti.

Date posted:May 26, 2010

"Christian faith is the only hope for the future of the Choctaw nation," stated one member of the tribal council of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. For more than 180 years, the United Methodist Choctaw Mission near Philadelphia, Mississippi, has sought to listen to, learn from, and love the Choctaw Indians. Now, more than ever, it is essential for the Choctaw leadership and the Choctaw Mission to encourage and cultivate leaders among the next generations.

Date posted:May 26, 2010

The UMCOR Hotline for May 25, 2010 
In Today's Hotline: *US: Tennessee Flood Update *HAITI: Emergency School Tents *UMCOR: Seventy Years of Relief, Hope, and Ministry *GLOBAL: World Refugee Day is June 20 *GEORGIA: Farming with Quality Seeds
Source: UMCOR
Date posted:May 25, 2010

United Methodist delegation with leaders of Governmental Committee for Religious Affairs in Hanoi, Vietnam, left to right: The Rev. Jong Sung Kim, Global Ministries; Dang Tai Tinh, deputy director of the committee; U Van To, Global Ministries; Joyce Fry, assistant to Bishop Ough; Bishop Bruce R. Ough, president of Global Ministries; Nguyen Than Xuan, acting head of the committee; the Rev. Joseph Bishman, Shawnee District, West Ohio Conference, and the Rev. Son To, Dallas, Texas.

New York, NY, May 24, 2010--The United Methodist Church continues to move toward becoming a legally recognized religious organization in Vietnam.

Date posted:May 24, 2010

Thomas Kemper
"Come Holy Spirit, transform the world"--this sentence prayer, found in the 2010 Pentecost Message of the presidents of the World Council of Churches, resonates well with the mission statement of The United Methodist Church: "Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World."
Date posted:May 20, 2010

United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) teams from the United States are now working in collaboration with Haitian Methodists in post- earthquake cleanup and rebuilding.
Date posted:May 20, 2010

China Christian Coucil visit, May 13, 2010
The Rev. Gao Feng, president of the China Christian Council, thanked cabinet members of the General Board of Global Ministries for their support of the growing Protestant church in China during a May 13 meeting. He spoke as part of a visiting delegation that met with Global Ministries leaders on a tour of several Protestant denomination partners in the United States.
Date posted:May 18, 2010

The UMCOR Hotline for May 18, 2010 
In Today's Hotline: *GEORGIA: Nutrition Support for New Mothers *CHILE: Times of Re-consecration *GLOBAL: New Resource on HIV/AIDS *MOZAMBIQUE: Growing Concern for Women’s Health
Source: UMCOR
Date posted:May 18, 2010

Loretta Gruver served as a United Methodist missionary nurse in Africa for over 36 years.
Asheville, NC, May 13, 2010--Loretta Gruver, 72, a United Methodist missionary nurse for more than 36 years, died on May 5 at the Brooks Howell Home in Asheville, North Carolina.
Date posted:May 14, 2010

Mission across ethnic, cultural, geographical, and religious lines is becoming common in the area of outreach.
Recent trends in missionary service reflect a greater awareness and respect for cultural context, simple living, communication, and diversity. These trends may seem forward-looking, yet the changing tides of missionary service refer back to the past and to the life of Jesus Christ.
Date posted:May 14, 2010

Protesters ask for the release of Dr. Montes and 42 other medical caregivers who were arrested while attending a Community Medicine Development Foundation (COMMED) training seminar.
As young men, Dr. Alexis Montes and the Rev. Leo Soriano worked together to provide health care in rural areas of the Philippines. Soriano would go on to become a United Methodist bishop. Montes continued his work in community- based health care up until Feb. 6, when he and 42 other health workers were arrested by the government on charges of being communist insurgents.
Date posted:May 11, 2010

The UMCOR Hotline for May 11, 2010 
In Today's Hotline: HAITI: Recovery Roundtable in Dominican Republic INDONESIA: Post-tsunami Income Generation Plan Continues CHILE: Needs after Earthquake Deepen RELIEF SUPPLIES: Spring Storms Wreak Havoc on US South KENYA: A New Home
Source: UMCOR
Date posted:May 11, 2010

Geneva, Switzerland, May 6, 2010--The World Council of Churches has issued a study guide on overcoming violence in contemporary contexts as part of the preparation for a 2011 International Ecumenical Peace Convocation.

Date posted:May 07, 2010

Churches in the Methodist tradition from Britain, the Caribbean and the Americas, Dominican Republic, Canada and the United States met together with representatives of the Methodist Church of Haiti (EMH) April 19-22 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to prepare a unified plan to respond to the crisis in Haiti.

Date posted:May 07, 2010

Des représentants d'Eglises de tradition Méthodiste de l'Angleterre, de la Caraïbe et des Amériques, de la République Dominicaine, du Canada et des Etats Unis d'Amérique, ont rencontré ceux de l'Eglise Méthodiste d'Haïti (EMH) du 19 au 22 Avril derniers à Santo Domingo, République Dominicaine pour préparer un plan conjoint de réponse à la crise d'Haïti.

Date posted:May 07, 2010

New York, NY, May 7, 2010--A coalition of Methodist and ecumenical church groups have formed a partnership with the Methodist Church of Haiti to address long-term development objectives in response to the crisis in Haiti. The initiative continues and expands work under discussion in Port-au-Prince on January 12, the very day an earthquake devastated much of the island nation.

Date posted:May 07, 2010

Girls and boys in an after school program in Pattaya, Thailand.
May 5, 2010, Cheshire, Connecticut--Who doesn't like a happy ending? With the abundant generosity of the people of Cheshire United Methodist Church in Cheshire, Connecticut, happy endings are assured.
Date posted:May 05, 2010

A man grieves in the shadow of the ruined Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption as Haitians held a January 23 funeral mass for the Roman Catholic archbishop and vicar general of Port-au-Prince, both of whom were killed in the country's earthquake.

The tragic consequences of the mammoth earthquake that struck the nation of Haiti this year has brought forth, once again, those purported theologians who asserted God's divine judgment on that impoverished nation's people for some kind of un-Christian activity.

Date posted:May 05, 2010

The 2009 Church and Community Worker missionaries were commissioned on October 13. From rear, left, clockwise:  Soraya Montano, Pat Watkins, Deborah Archie, Anita Tracy, Trina Scott-Zuor, Jennifer Battiest, Becky Parsons, Mariellyn Dunlap, Amy Spaur, and Alexandria Jones.

Immigration. It's a word that often elicits strong reactions, no matter what side of the border you stand on. Reactions like fear, anger, sorrow, or despair. But in southwest Ohio, some immigrants have found quite a different emotion: Hope.

Date posted:May 04, 2010

Missionary Katherine Parker.

I don't know how this happened. I only know that when I prayed with a young girl in Cambodia, the prayer was answered.

Date posted:May 04, 2010

The UMCOR Hotline for May 4, 2010 
In Today's Hotline: *US: UMCOR Sends Aid as Tornadoes, Storms Accost South *WORLD: Layette Kits for New Mothers *HAITI: UMCOR Health Surveys Needs *US: UMCOR Speakers Address United Methodist Women's Assembly *WORLD: World Fair Trade Day is May 8 *EVENT: Lighten the Burden III
Source: UMCOR
Date posted:May 04, 2010

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