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25 articles found for April, 2010.

Nashville, TN, April 28, 2010--Christian mission past, present, and future will be in the spotlight next October at a United Methodist- organized conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

Date posted:Apr 30, 2010

This new Global Praise resource uses songs and stories to teach children about mission.

Every church musician wants to involve more children in their ministry. We find it hard to believe someone wouldn't want to be in choir. Sometimes it is the fear of doing something different that keeps a child from saying, "I want to join choir."

Date posted:Apr 28, 2010

Celebrating with song the United Methodist Church of Varna, Bulgaria dedicate their new church building.
New York, NY, April 27, 2010--The Rev. Bedros Altunian, who as a young man hid a church bell that would later come to symbolize the rebirth of Methodism in Bulgaria, retired in mid-April as superintendent of the United Methodist church in his homeland.
Date posted:Apr 28, 2010

The UMCOR Hotline for April 27, 2010 
In Today's Hotline: *US: Tornadoes Tear through Mississippi *HAITI: UMCOR grant supports Grace Children’s Hospital *CHILE: Earth Continues to Move Two Months after Quake *CHINA: UMCOR Partner Brings Aid to Quake Survivors *GEORGIA: Bringing Hope to Epilepsy Patients
Source: UMCOR
Date posted:Apr 27, 2010

A North-South dialogue sponsored by Peace for Life, Union Theological Seminary, General Board of Global Ministries, the World Student Christian Federation-North America Region, and Drew University is taking place at Union Theological Seminary in New York this weekend, April 23-24.
Source: None
Date posted:Apr 22, 2010

Prayer and worship are integral to Global Ministries board meetings.

New York, NY, April 22, 2010--Mission theology, strategic planning, and organizational governance were major topics for consideration at the spring semi-annual meeting of directors of The United Methodist Church's worldwide mission agency, meeting April 12-14 in Stamford, Connecticut.

Date posted:Apr 22, 2010

The UMCOR Hotline for April 20, 2010 
In Today's Hotline: *CHINA: Earthquake Rocks Qinghai Province *GLOBAL: World Malaria Day This Sunday *HAITI: UMCOR Designates $10.4 Million for Reconstruction *UMCOR: Board Names New UMCOR Leader *ZIMBABWE: Emergency Food Grant *CHILE: Earthquake Update
Source: UMCOR
Date posted:Apr 20, 2010

Sustainable agricultural practices make a huge difference in the health and prosperity of communities around the world.

New York, NY, April 19, 2010--Karen Viveros dreamed of becoming a doctor, but how? She grew up in a single-parent household in Nemby, a poor neighborhood in Paraguay. There was, however, a bright light in what otherwise seemed dim future prospects: her local Methodist church, where she became a youth leader at age 12.

Date posted:Apr 19, 2010

Alex Giffin and The Rev. Ut To pose in front of motorcycles they are riding and will present as gifts to local pastors in Vietnam.

The Rev. Dennis Miller, who averages 10,000 miles a year on his Harley-Davidson, is riding a new bike in a new place this week as he traverses the hills of Vietnam.

Date posted:Apr 16, 2010

 Judith Pierre-Okerson has family in Haiti. She notes the resilience of the people and thanks those who are
Collaboration in mission was a recurring theme at the April 12-14 meeting of directors of the United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries, and nowhere was the goal better illustrated than in report of how the agency is responding to the January 12 earthquake in Haiti.
Date posted:Apr 14, 2010

Community leader Sharlene Jean offers a sample of treated drinking water to a child living in a makeshift camp in Gresier, Haiti.
Earthquake-related United Methodist mission volunteer service in Haiti will focus on housing, health, education, and pastoral services under a six-month pilot project expected to get underway soon.
Date posted:Apr 14, 2010

The Rev. Cynthia Harvey was elected on April 13 to lead the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR).  She is a pastor from Texas with broad experience in disaster relief, health ministries and organizational management.

Stamford, Connecticut, April 13, 2010--The Rev. Cynthia Fierro Harvey, a pastor from Texas with a background in the local church, international health ministries, domestic disaster relief, and organizational management is the new head of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR).

Date posted:Apr 13, 2010

Thomas Kemper
This morning, in my first address to you as general secretary, I want to do three things. * To express appreciation. * To answer in some small way the question, "who am I?" * To briefly mention some of the priorities I see facing us as a mission board.
Date posted:Apr 13, 2010

The UMCOR Hotline for April 13, 2010 
In Today's Hotline: HAITI: EMH: Journey Has Just Begun CHILE: Model Recovery Plan TURKEY: UMCOR Sends Emergency Aid US: UMCOR Responds to Floods, Tornadoes GLOBAL: World Malaria Day is April 25
Source: UMCOR
Date posted:Apr 13, 2010

Thomas Kemper

Stamford, CT, April 13, 2010--The new chief executive of The United Methodist Church's mission agency traces his interest in Christian service to childhood and college experiences of both the local and worldwide church.

Date posted:Apr 13, 2010

Bishop Bruce R. Ough: president of the General Board of Global Ministries.

As we gather for this Spring Board Meeting, we are not dissimilar from the women who went to see Jesus' tomb on that first Easter. Matthew's gospel tells us that they were filled with fear, disbelief, and astonishment.

Date posted:Apr 12, 2010

Bishop Bruce Ough addresses Global Ministries Board of Directors.

Stamford, Connecticut, April 12, 2010--Bishop Bruce R. Ough of West Ohio wants the large mission agency over which he presides to increase the number and distribution of its missionaries worldwide.

Date posted:Apr 12, 2010

Relevance X Connects Youth with Mission

Are you ever hungry during church? Regardless of whether I eat breakfast or skip it entirely before the service, I am always hungry. This is especially the case on Sundays when communion is offered. Oddly, though, on these Sundays I am never hungry after I take communion. There is something quite literally filling about the Eucharist--the Body of Christ--that sustains me.

Source: Advance
Date posted:Apr 09, 2010

Improving Lives: A micro-enterprise project in Takeo, Cambodia, helps women learn marketable skills.
One hundred six new congregations were started outside the United States in 2009 through a series of United Methodist Mission Initiatives sponsored by the General Board of Global Ministries. The 13 initiatives--ranging from Mongolia to Honduras--are what Thomas Kemper, the mission agency's new chief executive, calls "front-line efforts" in pursuit of the denomination's goal of "making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."
Date posted:Apr 08, 2010

Jorge Domingues

It was Tuesday morning. Since Palm Sunday I have been experiencing Holy Week in a different way from previous years. I have been preparing for my first trip to Haiti, which is also my first trip as Deputy General Secretary nominated to lead the Mission and Evangelism Program of Global Ministries. The trip to Haiti gave me a special insight into Jesus' walk to the cross. I saw His experience of death and resurrection re- lived by the people of Haiti. I felt I was about to meet Him again in the suffering of that people.

Date posted:Apr 07, 2010

JustUs Youth Group leading worship at the General Board of Global Ministries on the sixth anniversary of 9/11.
JustUs Youth is a collection of young people from many different backgrounds, all of whom have some connection with the Community Developers Program. Though Community Developers usually focus on development and change within our national community, there has been a growing need to branch out into our global community and offer support and assistance. JustUs Youth, in response to Haiti’s recent natural disasters, is answering a call.
Date posted:Apr 06, 2010

The UMCOR Hotline for April 6, 2010 
In Today's Hotline: *CHILE: UMCOR, GBGM Promise Support *INDONESIA: World Health Day, April 7 *PHILIPPINES: Relief Supplies for Typhoon Survivors *RESOURCES: World Malaria Day, April 25
Source: UMCOR
Date posted:Apr 06, 2010

Prayer Angels are symbols of promise for families who have no way to educate, feed, or provide medical care for the children of La Gonave Island, Haiti.

My husband and I have served as mission volunteers on La Gonave Island, Haiti, since 2007. Few in the United States know that La Gonave belongs to Haiti and is the most remote area of the country. Southern La Gonave is 40 miles from the Haitian mainland on the windward side--the area that gets hit by most of the hurricanes but receives little of the normal rainfall. Ground water there is deep or nonexistent, so water accessibility is a problem and food production is a challenge.

Date posted:Apr 05, 2010

Earnestine Varnado is a Church and Community Worker and Deaconess at St. Andrew's Mission in McComb, Mississippi.

Today we celebrate Easter, the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, a movable feast (the Sunday date changes from year to year), but the meaning remains the same. Christ was born, Christ died, was buried, and arose on Easter Day that we may have eternal salvation, if we obey Him.

Date posted:Apr 01, 2010

Charissa B. Shawcross is a Church and Community Worker serving as Director of Community and Health Services for the Joy-Southfield Health Clinic and the NOAH Project in Detroit, Michigan.

Remembering the lessons of Christ's death for our sins, and the promise of the resurrection, I look around the Detroit neighborhoods I serve and pray for the salvation and resurrection of our people.

Date posted:Apr 01, 2010

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