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Heather Bishop (left) with Erin Eidenshink and a friend on a recent visit to Mongolia.

Diné is the name chosen by the Navajo for their tribe. It simply means "the people." I serve among the Diné in Shiprock, New Mexico, at Four Corners Native American Ministry--a Navajo cooperative parish within The United Methodist Church. Four Corners is devoted to sharing God's love and reconciliation with the Navajo nation through Christ-centered congregational development and community outreach. I'm seeking to respond to the invitation to "come and see," hoping to be Christ for my neighbor, and to receive Christ in my neighbor.

Date posted:Oct 29, 2010

World leaders including senators, ambassadors, peace activists, and United Methodist Women celebrated United Nations Resolution 1325 at the Church Center for the United Nations this week.

October 29, 2010--On October 31, 2000, the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 1325, dubbed "Women, Peace, and Security." This week, to celebrate ten years since the resolution's passage, hundreds of global citizens gathered with United Methodist Women at the Church Center for the United Nations (CCUN) to strategize on new and creative ways to hold governments accountable for the resolution's implementation.

Date posted:Oct 29, 2010

Haitian children show off the bead necklaces they made with the team from Virginia.
On Wednesday, August 25, 2010 nine men and women representing five churches from the Winchester (VA) District embarked on a journey with God and each other to be the hands and feet of Jesus with the people of Haiti. We weren't exactly clear on where we would be working, what our accommodations would be, and what tasks we would be performing. God's plans for our trip and experience far exceeded any of our loftiest expectations.
Date posted:Oct 28, 2010

Bethany Amey was commissioned as a US-2 in October 2009.

Although I have been struggling to find community here in San Francisco, I believe that I am turning a new corner. I've been visiting a few local churches recently to see where I would "fit in." For me, church here is definitely different from church at home, where my dad is pastor. But in such periods of uncertainty, there are also blossoms of growth.

Date posted:Oct 26, 2010

The UMCOR Hotline for October 26, 2010 
In Today's Hotline: Haiti: Strengthening Health Systems US: Announcing a Change to Cleaning Bucket Contents South Sudan: Food for the Hungry Chile: Earthquake and Tsunami Recovery Continues US: The Perfect Roast
Source: UMCOR
Date posted:Oct 26, 2010

Rev. Isaac Agré from Côte d'Ivoire makes a point as he takes classes with other missionaries in training at Stony Point. Listening in are (from left to right) Jamila Hunter, Kathryn S. Monfortte, and Joseph Hopkins.

Missionaries who train together are called a class of missionaries. And this class took many classes. For about two weeks leading up to their sending forth or commissioning on October 12th, 2010, the missionaries spent their days in workshops taught by Global Ministries' missionaries, staff, consultants, and each other.

Date posted:Oct 25, 2010

The children of Mellier represent the hope for a new future in Haiti.

As I reflect on Haiti, many images and thoughts come to my mind as a pastor, a clinical psychologist, and a team leader. I think of the Haiti I knew before January 12, 2010, and simultaneously those images are mixed with images from my recent mission trip in September.

Date posted:Oct 25, 2010

Pfeiffer students taking part in
Nashville, Tennessee, October 22, 2010--Beth Kauffman, like many other United Methodist young people today, was introduced to Christian mission on a volunteer trip, hers to Cuba. The experience broadened her horizon about potential vocations, and now she is combining mission with her youth ministry studies at Pfeiffer College in North Carolina.
Date posted:Oct 22, 2010

Holli Vining feels connected to everyone around her, including these young Mongolians, as she learns a new song and the motions that go along with it.

As I am bursting at the seams with joy-- though already saddened at the thought of leaving Mongolia--I remember my beginnings here. I remember how scared I was and how hard it was for me to adjust. I remember being challenged. I remember tears and I remember sorrow.

Date posted:Oct 21, 2010

Dr. Daryl Balia of South Africa, one of the major planners of Edinburgh 2010
Nashville, Tenn., October 18, 2010--What will Christian mission be like in the 21st century? What should it be like? These two questions dominated the agenda of a United Methodist event marking the 100th anniversary of a famed World Missionary Conference.
Date posted:Oct 19, 2010

The UMCOR Hotline for October 19, 2010 
In Today's Hotline: PHILIPPINES: Typhoon Megi CHILE: UMCOR and Chilean Methodists Sign Disaster Response Agreement GLOBAL: 10-Fold EVENT: Lighten the Burden AIDS Conference Commences COLOMBIA: A Clinic in Brisas del Mar
Source: UMCOR
Date posted:Oct 19, 2010

Dana Robert is the Truman Collins Professor of World Christianity and History of Mission at Boston University.

This address given by Dr. Dana Robert in opening "Rethink Mission: Reflection and Action, Edinburgh 1910-2010," a conference planned by the United Methodist Missionary Association, October 14-17, 2010, Nashville, Tennessee. The event explored mission engagement past, present, and future as part of a network of events marking the centennial of the 1910 World Missionary Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. An anniversary event was held in Edinburgh in early June 2010.

Date posted:Oct 15, 2010

Erin Eidenshink was commissioned as a Mission Intern in October 2009.

To admit (and live in the knowledge) that we don't fit in the brokenness of the present is to acknowledge that we are longing and looking for the coming Kingdom. Admitting that we don't fit is uncomfortable, painful, and difficult. It means letting go and recognizing what keeps us in chains. But it is also freeing.

Date posted:Oct 14, 2010

 Wonderfully Diverse: Thomas Kemper noted that among 17 new missionares some will go from Cote d’Ivoire going to Tunisia, from Brazil to Switzerland and the US, from China to Oklahoma, and US citizens from Laos will go to Thailand.

Stamford, Connecticut, October 13, 2010-- Seventeen new missionaries were commissioned for United Methodist service around the world on October 12 during the annual directors' meeting of the General Board of Global Ministries.

Date posted:Oct 13, 2010

As I reflect on my years serving as a Rural Worker, Town and Country Worker, and most recently Church and Community Worker, I think of a line from a hymn that has meaning to me, "The Summons."

Date posted:Oct 13, 2010

Gordon and Maria (Teca) Greathouse

October 12, 2010, New York, NY--If you are stressed, take note of the Brazilian expression, "Get some shade and fresh water." This is the inspiration behind the name of the afterschool program, the Shade and Fresh Water project, offered at more than 30 Methodist schools serving more than 3,500 kids throughout Brazil. There you will find Gordon Greathouse, an international United Methodist missionary from Oregon.

Date posted:Oct 12, 2010

United Methodism in Malawi is growing under indigenous leadership with about 140 congregations. The Malawi Conference is now a Global Ministries

Stamford, Connecticut, October 12, 2010--The mission agency of The United Methodist Church is slightly more than halfway to the goal of starting 400 new congregations outside the United States in the four-year period from 2009 to 2012.

Date posted:Oct 12, 2010

General Secretary Thomas Kemper addressing the Global Ministries Board of Directors.

Stamford, Connecticut, October 13, 2010--In spite of economic challenges and organizational restructure, The United Methodist Church's mission agency is vigorous and bold around the world. This is the assessment of the chief executive of the General Board of Global Ministries.

Date posted:Oct 12, 2010

Bishop Bruce Ough addresses Global Minstries board of directors.

Stamford, Connecticut, October 12, 2010-- United Methodists need to get out to the church and get "on the road with Jesus." That is the message of the bishop who presides over the worldwide mission agency of The United Methodist Church.

Date posted:Oct 12, 2010

The UMCOR Hotline for October 12, 2010 
In Today's Hotline: GLOBAL: UMC Partners with UN Global Fund GLOBAL: 10-Fold Under Way PAKISTAN: Urgent Need for Flood Relief CHILE: Holistic Recovery ARMENIA: Nutrition for the Elderly US: Flooding in Minnesota
Source: UMCOR
Date posted:Oct 12, 2010

Nancy M. Thevenin, processional leader from Haiti.

In the heart of New York City's Greenwich Village, in a diverse United Methodist congregation, an electronic, denominational mission initiative, 10-Fold, was born and broadcast to the world. Singing "We Will Rise," at The Church of the Village (A United Methodist congregation), the first day of the 10-day event focused on United Methodist relief efforts in Haiti.

Date posted:Oct 11, 2010

Phenyo Le from Botswana, Mission Intern Hannah Hanson, and Odette Yumba from Democratic Republic of Congo cleaning eggs obtained through the Espoir Training Centre's poultry program located outside of Johannesburg, South Africa.

My fellow mission intern in South Africa, Jen Tyler, organizes student visits to the VCT clinic and to some of its client's homes. The clinic does Voluntary Counseling and Testing for HIV. On one such visit, Jen arranged for Rachel Keller and me to come along. So we all headed for the United Methodist-run clinic in Alberton.

Date posted:Oct 08, 2010

New York, NY, October 7, 2010--New missionaries of The United Methodist Church will be commissioned on the evening of October 12 in a service to be broadcast live on the internet.

Date posted:Oct 07, 2010

Bishop Minerva Carcaño greets a fellow Community Developer.

The Community Developers talked, danced, laughed, cried, practiced yoga, prayed, sang, learned, planned, and took action together. At the 2010 training event held in Scottsdale, Arizona, they shared stories about their work during sessions packed with devotions and workshops.

Date posted:Oct 07, 2010

10-Fold Schedule of Live Events
Date posted:Oct 05, 2010

Thomas Kemper
The United Methodist Church--with eleven and a half million members in the United States, Africa, Europe, and the Philippines--has been an active founding partner with the UN Foundation in “Nothing But Nets,” and has now transformed this campaign into a more holistic approach to fight Malaria called “Imagine No Malaria”.
Date posted:Oct 05, 2010

The UMCOR Hotline for October 5, 2010 
In Today's Hotline: GLOBAL: Look for 10-Fold Launch this Sunday CHILE: Rebuilding after Massive Earthquake JFON: Client Success Story RELIEF SUPPLIES: Thousands of Kits Sent US: Annual Disaster Response Academy to be Held
Source: UMCOR
Date posted:Oct 05, 2010

Bishop Minerva Carcano hugs Elva Michal at the Community Developers' Let's Get Radical event.

"Radical means go back to the roots. That means dig deeper," said Dr. Siosaia Tuitahi of the Pacific Islander National Caucus of The United Methodist Church (PINCUM). "Your story, my story, will become deeper if we connect to the original story. Never forget. After all, it's not our story. It's God's story that we will continue to tell. Jeremiah said, 'If you are rooted in the Almighty, you will be like the plant by the river. Your leaves will always be green…. And blessed are those who are rooted in Christ Jesus.'"

Date posted:Oct 01, 2010

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