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38 articles found for February, 2008.

Mirroring most other mainline U.S. denominations, United Methodists are generally older, whiter and wealthier in a nation that is increasingly populated with young adults, people of color and families with modest incomes. The United Methodist Church also is losing more members than it's gaining, with its parishioners increasingly moving to evangelical Protestant churches or choosing not to affiliate with another religious group at all.
Date posted:Feb 29, 2008

What we have is a growing religious marketplace, a supermarket of faith options and products. Many Americans seem to believe that they are each personally responsible for establishing Divine Truth based on personal needs and inclinations at any particular moment. It is much like the television ad that asserts that if one dislikes a car or a spouse “get a new one.” Faith traditions are coming to look suspiciously like replaceable brands.
Date posted:Feb 28, 2008

As this issue of New World Outlook was being edited, Kenya erupted in violence over its disputed presidential elections. Caroline Njuki, who directs Global Ministries’ Africa office, sent the following: “The situation in Kenya is not good. The Kenyan army, which has always been neutral, has informed the public that if the unrest continues, it will take over. People were burned alive in a church in Eldoret. This is much like the situation in Rwanda in the 1990s. ...
Date posted:Feb 27, 2008

Children in Los Minas, Dominican Republic.
Lyn Gray, a United Methodist missionary serving as a training and development officer with the YMCA of Liberia in Monrovia, shared the following story from her recent newsletter.
Date posted:Feb 27, 2008

The caretaker of a cow and calf stands with Muy Sochear (right), pastor of O Ambel Methodist Mission Church.  Raising these animals leads to self-sustenance in Cambodia.
Pastor Muy Socheat is a man with multiple talents. In Sisophon, Cambodia, he leads O Ambel Methodist mission church, a lively congregation. He earns income by raising pigs and using his carpentry skills, which are elegantly displayed on the wooden doors of his church-house-carpenter shop in the form of four hand-carved Scripture verses. He also writes Christian music.
Date posted:Feb 27, 2008

Solomon Kodua of Jeduako, in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, shows off the goat that he received through the UMCOR-SA&D program of microcredit livestock and Integrated Crop and Pest Management.
In Ghana, the Sustainable Agricul-ture & Development Program of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR-SA&D) receives more than a dozen phone calls each week from people who have heard about Moringa. The Moringa tree has nutritious and medicinal properties that far exceed those of many other foods. Gram for gram the leaves contain twice the protein and four times the calcium of milk, more potassium than bananas, more vitamin C than oranges, and four times the vitamin A of carrots.
Date posted:Feb 27, 2008

Maudine Holloway, executive director of Community Enabler Developer, Inc., in Anniston, Alabama, is deeply involved in the selfpimprovement activities of the people she serves.
"It is harder for the poor. The poor get poorer….It's harder because there are more needs, more diseases, more that have lost their jobs or their homes. It's getting so that elderly people on fixed incomes can hardly pay their bills. Sometimes they have to decide whether to buy food or their medicines," said Ms. Maudine Holloway, executive director, Community Enabler Developer, Inc., in Anniston, Alabama.
Date posted:Feb 27, 2008

Village children are given toothbrushes by GYTTE's team members, part of a community-based preventive health care project.
Eleuterio and Celia Jimenez, an elderly couple living in the village of Alchichica, Puebla, in South Central Mexico, are always open to receiving friends and strangers for a visit under the trees of their outdoor patio. They often share their faith through music, and they enjoy singing their favorite hymns in two-part harmony.
Date posted:Feb 27, 2008

In the summer of 2005, United Methodist Bishop James Swanson and his staff talked about possible mission projects they could pursue.
Date posted:Feb 27, 2008

The China News Summary is compiled monthly by the United Methodist China Program, Room 1335, General Board of Global Ministries, The United Methodist Church, 475 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10115
Date posted:Feb 27, 2008

A focus on the Middle East will be among the social priorities for the National Council of Churches over the next few years. But the council also will look at strengthening the relationships among its 35 member communions, including The United Methodist Church, and re- energizing the ecumenical movement as a whole.
Date posted:Feb 27, 2008

A New Podcast: Millie Diane Wimberley 
Millie Diane Wimberley is a missionary of the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church serving in La Paz, Bolivia. Interview by Chris Tricomi, Global Ministries consultant.
Date posted:Feb 27, 2008

The US Religious Landscape Survey was conducted by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. It states that 5.1 percent of the US adults with religious affiliation are United Methodists, classified under "mainline Protestant."
Date posted:Feb 26, 2008

UMCOR Hotline, February 26, 2008 
UMCOR SAGER BROWN: Kit Supplies Are Low; US: Alabama Tornado Response; UMCOR: One Great Hour of Sharing is This Sunday; US: Across Lands
Source: UMCOR
Date posted:Feb 26, 2008

United Methodist youth teamed up on Super Bowl Sunday with young people across the United States to raise more than $9 million in goods and dollars to fight hunger and poverty in their local communities through the 2008 Souper Bowl of Caring.
Date posted:Feb 26, 2008

A new institution that aims to provide theological education via the Internet was named the Methodist E-Academy during a meeting of the United Methodist Theological Schools in Europe.
Date posted:Feb 25, 2008

President and Mrs. George W. Bush’s February tour of five Africa countries was concerned in large measure with health issues, and from a United Methodist perspective Liberia was an excellent last stop.
Date posted:Feb 22, 2008

Devorah Umipig-Julian, Missionary. Photo courtesy of Devorah Umipig-Julian.
A chill came over me as we swung open the door to the meeting room. Inside sat a young man named Nandan. His eyes brightened noticeably as a missionary co-worker and I came in to visit. When I had arrived earlier at the detention center, I didn't have the faintest clue what God was about to do. Having visited all the detainees on my list, I was just about to leave when a friend asked if I would visit Nandan.
Date posted:Feb 21, 2008

As we move in this third week of Lent we discover a theme around thirst. The Israelites wonder as they wandered in the wilderness in desperation for fear they wouldn’t have nourishment and would die of thirst. The woman at the well, a Samaritan woman at that, is in conversation with Jesus who is physically thirsty and he offers streams of water that will lead to eternal life so they will never be thirsty again. In Romans, we are reminded that we have the love of God which has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit.
Date posted:Feb 21, 2008

The first impression we had of Uganda was the warm moist air coming off of Lake Victoria. The beauty of the countryside soon became apparent as we rode from the airport. In that first hour we experienced a view of Lake Victoria, the greenness of the countryside, the capital city of Kampala, the bustle of Saturday morning roadside markets, and the unique place in the crossroad of Uganda that the city of Mukono holds.
Date posted:Feb 20, 2008

Effective ministry and advocacy related to immigration must begin on both sides of the U.S.- Mexico border as a partnership of The United Methodist Church and the Methodist Church of Mexico, according to church leaders along the border.
Date posted:Feb 20, 2008

A comprehensive 1996 statement on Christian-Jewish relations by The United Methodist Church's legislating General Conference strongly reiterated the denomination's opposition to all forms of anti-Semitism. Four years later, the quadrennial General Conference, which is the only entity that speaks for the whole church, urged United Methodists to observe Yom HaShoah, the annual Holocaust Memorial Day, and also addressed Israeli-Palestinian relations in the Middle East.
Date posted:Feb 19, 2008

Continued Kenya Violence Disrupts Food Supply 
Continued violence in Kenya has displaced hundreds of thousands of citizens and disrupted the food supply in parts of that African nation. The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is appealing to United Methodists to donate money to bolster the food supply.
Date posted:Feb 15, 2008

The Mission Personnel Office of the General Board of Global Ministries is no longer accepting applications for 2008 Summer Internships, a program being revived this year. However, congregations, annual conferences, and church-related institutions may still apply to become placement sites for interns.
Date posted:Feb 14, 2008

A United Methodist Volunteers-in-Mission team arrived in Nakuru, Kenya, just as violence broke out in that Rift Valley city. C.M. "Kip" Robinson Jr., associate VIM director for the denomination's Southeastern Jurisdiction, said the team was never directly threatened during its Jan. 26-Feb. 7 work trip and was happy to bring "a message of hope" to Kenyans there.
Date posted:Feb 14, 2008

The Rev. Sergei Nikolaev, President of Russia United Methodist Theological Seminary
The Rev. Sergei V. Nikolaev has been elected president of the Russia United Methodist Theological Seminary in Moscow. The election by the seminary's board of trustees was effective Jan. 1. Nikolaev will continue to teach as the E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism as part of the seminary's Ruediger and Gerlinde Minor Chair.
Date posted:Feb 12, 2008

In the context of Lent, we are called to look at where Christ is, was, and will be in our world. In Psalm 121 and Genesis 12 we are called to remember the very physical nature of our Judaic- Christian experience with God. Lift thine eyes to the hills, not past reality into a different realm. The Lord is right here, in the mountains of our lives. The Lord is aware of our struggles as we climb through life and will not let us stumble or lose our way.
Date posted:Feb 12, 2008

The United Methodist Church has been invited to apply for up to $5 million in support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the United Nations Foundation to underwrite a fund-raising, education and outreach campaign to strengthen its global health ministries, especially work related to malaria and other diseases of poverty in Africa.
Date posted:Feb 11, 2008

The 50 millionth Bible printed in China has rolled of the presses of the Amity Printing Company in Nanjing, a GBGM Advance Special project, a cause for joyful celebration on December 8, attended by over 200 persons including Bishop K.T. Ting, 93, one of the most influential Chinese theologians in modern history. 
Date posted:Feb 11, 2008

A "celebration of life" was held in Vicksburg on February 9 for Martha ("Twick") Morrison, a widely-known leader in global mission and United Methodist Women, who died two days earlier following a battle against cancer.
Date posted:Feb 11, 2008

As a deaconess candidate, I consider myself to be a lifelong learner in theology and the ways of The United Methodist Church. In fact, I just recently completed the Old Testament and New Testament courses this winter and walked away from that experience understanding why people refer to the Bible as "the living word."
Date posted:Feb 10, 2008

Henan Bible School Students.
One day a man came into Zhang Limei’s village in rural Henan Province, China. The man handed out Bibles, told the village how the books would protect them from harm, and left a day later.  “We had heard how praying to Jesus can protect you and so, not knowing any better, we carried the Bible around with us at all times, hoping to ward off bad things,” Ms. Zhang shared.
Date posted:Feb 08, 2008

In this Janurary 7, 2008 photo, Refugees store their belongings in a room in the six-story Central Methodist Mission in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa.
Thirteen people still were waiting for court appearances as of Feb. 7, Bishop Paul Verryn told United Methodist News Service. Verryn had been to the court that day as another person was released on bail.
Date posted:Feb 08, 2008

UMCOR Responds to "Super Tuesday"
 Tornadoes in Five Southern States

Early response teams are involved in debris cleanup in areas open to volunteers. "In some areas, seek and rescue operations are still the priorities..."
Source: UMCOR
Date posted:Feb 07, 2008

Seasoned peacemakers, social justice advocates and seminary students spent three days at a peace conference grappling with the question: "How can The United Methodist Church find its voice in a world of violence?" The Rev. Peter Storey, a renowned peace advocate and the former Methodist bishop of South Africa, set the tone for the three-day gathering as he welcomed 400 participants to "the conference of impossible things."
Date posted:Feb 06, 2008

Canada Geese and a partly frozen pond in Olkahoma near Turtle Rock Farm.
At Turtle Rock Farm we are committed to learning from and being healed by God's good creation. As we enter a period of the church year when we dedicate ourselves to fasting-and-prayer, we find it imperative to notice what's happening in creation.
Date posted:Feb 05, 2008

The Rev. Carol Ann Seckel, a United Methodist missionary, is blessed during her
Jan. 6 installation service in Berlin.
A growing number of international United Methodist congregations now exist within Germany, where their members range from Americans to Africans, diplomats to asylum seekers, students to business people. All, according to Bishop Rosemarie Wenner of the Germany area, are welcome within the United Methodist Church in Germany. 
Date posted:Feb 05, 2008

Church member Elvira Arellano received sanctuary at Adalberto United Methodist Church in Chicago from Aug. 15, 2006, to Aug. 16, 2007.
Flor Crisóstomo, 28, says she is "picking up the torch" from Elvira Arelleno, another congregation member who lived in the church for a year before leaving last August. Arelleno was arrested and deported within days of leaving Chicago and arriving in Los Angeles, where she had planned to speak out for compassionate immigration reform.
Date posted:Feb 01, 2008

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