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After refusing to meet with Congolese rebels since the war started in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the DRC president, Laurent Kabila, recently reversed course and has now agreed to meet with rebels fighting to oust him. Kabila is now asking the Catholic church in Rome to broker a peace deal between his government and the rebels.
Date posted:Mar 29, 1999

Flooding has been so severe in Mozambique that some areas of the African nation are completely surrounded by water, resembling islands. The recent flooding has occurred primarily in central and southern Mozambique, United Methodist Bishop Joao Machado told United Methodist News Service in a March 10 interview. Many United Methodists live in those sections of the country, he added.
Date posted:Mar 12, 1999

When Zebediah Marewangepo was growing up in the Honde Valley of Zimbabwe, he didn't even know what a school was until a missionary came in and started one. Fifty years later, as an executive with the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries, he has discovered that little has changed in some parts of Africa.
Date posted:Mar 11, 1999

Have you ever wondered why the day our Lord was killed is called “Good Friday”? What’s “good” about the torture and murder of another human being? What could possibly be “good” about the torture and murder of the One many people on that very day believed to be the Messiah?
Date posted:Mar 05, 1999

For the past seven months, the Democratic Republic of Congo has been a fighting arena for the armies of several nations. Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi have been fighting alongside the Rassemblement Congolais pour la Démocratie (RCD), a rebel group trying to overthrow President Laurent Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Date posted:Mar 05, 1999

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