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66 archived articles posted in 1999 found

31 articles found for December, 1999.

The June 1999 Response magazine explored the issues of prison ministry and restorative justice. In it were included accounts of the involvement of United Methodist Women in prison ministry. MOTHER AND CHILD REUNIONS is reprinted by permission of the author, Andrea Allard. The other three are summaries of articles which can be found in the magazine.
Date posted:Dec 30, 1999

Although crime is down, more and more persons are imprisoned each year, criminal justice consumes ever growing percentages of our tax dollars and yet we do not feel safe.
Date posted:Dec 30, 1999

Vieques: Lucha y Esperanza 
Joan Chapin, directora de la Junta General de Ministerios Globales y su esposo, John Chapin, de Caro, Michigan frente a un área restringida por la marina de los Estados Unidos en
Vieques, Puerto Rico.
Del 17 al 21 de diciembre estuve acampando en el área donde la marina de guerra de los Estados Unidos realiza prácticas de bombardeo, desembarco y otros tipos de adiestramientos. Como es de conocimiento de todos, dichas prácticas han estado suspendidas desde abril de 1999, cuando dos bombas mataron a David Sanes Rodríguez e hirieron a otras cuatro personas.
Date posted:Dec 28, 1999

Peace On Earth
Churches throughout Africa and around the world are being invited to recite the following prayer on Christmas Day. The prayer was composed by an ecumenical delegation which visited Sierra Leone in November. It is being sent to African churches by the All Africa Conference of Churches, which hopes thereby to stimulate "a response to the Sierra Leone situation by the Church in Africa" and "international action for peace and reconciliation" there.
Date posted:Dec 22, 1999

Beginning in 2001, United Methodists in Sweden will have the option of paying a church tax collected through the government's regular taxation system. That action will be granted under Sweden's new "Religious Communities Act" which provides all churches and religious communities with the right to establish their own identities, as well as the option to use the income tax system to collect membership fees.
Date posted:Dec 21, 1999

The first of a series of delegations from the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries visited the Puerto Rican island of Vieques Dec. 17-20 to express support for the people there.
Date posted:Dec 21, 1999

Dixie Carter reads
Tears poured down Dixie Carter's cheeks as she read Once Upon a Christmas to the aged residents of Wesley Fountain Place, an assisted living facility in Milan, a small West Tennessee town near Dixie's own childhood home of McLemoresville.
Date posted:Dec 21, 1999

Six young adults recently completed participation in the Global Mission Volunteers pilot program of the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries.  They are: (top row from left), Kevin Robbins, Karen Alley and Michael Hammond and (bottom row from left), Maria Garcia, Laurie Day and Clifton Conrad Jr.
Six young adults recently completed participation in the Global Mission Volunteers pilot program of the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries. The Global Justice Volunteer Program is now moving out of its pilot phase and accepting applications for placement on three sets of teams in 2000.
Date posted:Dec 20, 1999

Newly commissioned persons assigned to United Methodist-related ministries by the General Board of Global Ministries.
Twenty-four persons assigned to United Methodist- related ministries from Tonga to Macedonia, Liberia to Chile, were commissioned in Atlanta, GA, Dec. 12, 1999 by the General Board of Global Ministries.
Date posted:Dec 20, 1999

Ecumenical Camp, Vieques.
"I arrived around noon today at the 'Christian campsite of evangelical obedience' located in the restricted zone on Vieques." Thus UMC missionary Don Reasoner begins his account of plans for a weekend of UMC participation with the Methodist Church of Puerto Rico in the political protest movement currently taking place in Vieques, Puerto Rico.
Date posted:Dec 17, 1999

Responsively Yours, March 2000 Headlines To Cheer
Joyce D. Sohl
Deputy General Secretary
Women's Division, GBGM
History -- women's history -- is being made each day by women around the world as they step out in solidarity and support of their sisters and the causes that give justice to women and children. Read these headlines and the brief stories behind them and celebrate the women who are taking risks to make the world a better place for all.
Date posted:Dec 17, 1999

Response Magazine Logo
"Bible Study: For Such a Time As This" by Joseph A. Agne To begin this Bible study, the reader must review the book of Esther and ask him/herself some questions about the characters involved in this story. Isn't there a bit of each of these characters in us? This Bible study then takes an in-depth look at the characters in this story and how the Biblical figures apply to us today.
Date posted:Dec 17, 1999

"Build the field and they will come..." So was the message of the movie classic "Field of Dreams." But does it really work?
Date posted:Dec 17, 1999

Tank on Mt. David, Vieques.
Acting on a resolution passed at its fall meeting last October, the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM), has embarked on a campaign of support for the Methodist Church of Puerto Rico over the U.S. Navy's use of Vieques island for training with live ammunition.
Date posted:Dec 16, 1999

The temporary suspension of United Methodist funding to the National Council of Churches (NCC) has been lifted.
Date posted:Dec 16, 1999

More than 20 years ago, the surplus of good food, particularly potatoes, gone to waste led Rev. Horne and Rev. Ray Buchanan, two United Methodist ministers, to begin a small local hunger relief program from an unused sheep shed in Big Island, VA. Seed money to begin this ministry came from World Service and Conference Benevolence apportionment of the Virginia Conference.
Date posted:Dec 16, 1999

The United Methodist lay pastor recently elected as president of Macedonia invoked the "healing words" of Abraham Lincoln at the end of his Dec. 15 inaugural address. Boris Trajkovski noted that Lincoln "paid the ultimate price" to bring the United States back together after its civil war.
Date posted:Dec 15, 1999

Delegates to the U. S. Conference of the World Council of Churches' annual meeting Dec. 9-11 paid tribute to a martyr, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and heard from a living legend, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, as they examined the role of churches in bringing reconciliation to a divided world.
Date posted:Dec 15, 1999

When the Rev. Kathryn Bannister told her Kansas parishioners she would be attending the annual meeting of the U.S. Conference of the World Council of Churches, one church member advised her, "You need to talk about us."
Date posted:Dec 15, 1999

The compassion and concern for individuals, families and communities with mental illnesses led the General Board of Global Ministries to the 1992 General Conference Resolution: "We reaffirm our confidence that God's unqualified love for all persons beckons us to reach out with fully accepting love to all, but particularly to those with disabling inability to relate to themselves or others due to mental illness."
Date posted:Dec 15, 1999

East Timorese resistance leaders who have been in exile are returning to East Timor to help establish what is expected to become the newest nation in the year 2000.
Date posted:Dec 14, 1999

Two hundred religious and human rights leaders have appealed to President Clinton to help stop the "genocide now taking place in Sudan."
Date posted:Dec 10, 1999

Ceremony marks lighting of World Peace Globe 
Artist Rebecca Nova (left) displays a small version of World Peace Globe to the Rev. Thom White Wolf Fassett, chief staff executive of the United Methodist Board of Church and Society, during a ceremony at the Church Center for the United Nations in New York. A larger globe will be installed at Manger Square in Bethlehem.
A smaller version of a World Peace Globe to be installed in Manger Square in Bethlehem was unveiled during a Dec. 7 ceremony at the Church Center for the United Nations.
Date posted:Dec 08, 1999

God's grace is needed for healing in this community, according to the pastor of the teen- ager who is being held for shooting and wounding five classmates.
Date posted:Dec 08, 1999

Homeless person, USA.
Speaking to a group of United Methodist deaconesses and home missionaries in Washington, D.C. on November 11, Mr. Whitner also shared about his experiences in Vietnam where he served as a combat medic and behavioral specialist.
Date posted:Dec 07, 1999

A recent court interpretation of Russia's 1997 religion law should help local United Methodist congregations as they register or re-register with the government, according to Bishop Ruediger Minor.
Date posted:Dec 06, 1999

A satellite teleconference, set for April 25,2000, will explore "beginning of life" decisions in the context of recent medical advances and new scientific technology.
Date posted:Dec 06, 1999

The head of the nation's Children's Defense Fund (CDF) called on leaders of United Methodist- supported mission institutions to help forge partnerships with the CDF and other advocacy organizations on behalf of young people.
Date posted:Dec 03, 1999

The Leadership Training Event (UMW) November 19-21, 1999
#3 - Several women at UMW Leadership Training Event, Chicago, IL, November 19-21, 1999
Conference United Methodist Women members from around the United States participated in an event on November 19-21, 1999 that will help continue mission for women and children in the next millennium while continuing more than a century of mission work.
Date posted:Dec 03, 1999

Two United Methodist congregations have played different roles during the events surrounding the World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting. The meeting drew both delegates and a wide variety of protesters and activists during the week of Nov. 28.
Date posted:Dec 02, 1999

The Women's Division, United Methodist Board of Global Ministries, is applauding a Nov. 29 U.S. Supreme Court decision to review the Massachusetts Myanmar Law.
Date posted:Dec 01, 1999

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