Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway?

Christ-Centered Advent & Christmas Graphics


Flying Angel blowing trumpet (black on white)

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) offers free Advent and Christmas graphics to you. A few samples of the art on are these "Whose Birthday Is It Anyway?" web pages. We hope that these will add to the blessings of the holidays.

Permissions Information

To the best of our knowledge, all of the "clip art" is in the public domain. A number have been adapted from other clip art or created originally by us. When publishing these graphics on your web site, please acknowledge us with a hyperlink and a statement such as:

Thank you to the United Methodist Committee on Relief, General Board of Global Ministries for the free Advent/Christmas graphics. These pictures and ideas for a Christ-centered holiday are available at the "Whose Birthday Is It Anyway?" web site at http://gbgm-umc.org/resources/whose.html.

Animated Gold Star

The pictures are in a "browseable directory" at http://gbgm-umc.org/gifs/christmas/. If you are "web savvy" and understand how to get pictures from our web site to your site then go there now.

Downloading the Art

Our art is in a "browseable directory." That means that, when you go to the directory, you will see a list of file names with hyperlinks that will look like this:

gbgm-umc.org - /gifs/christmas/

[To Parent Directory]

10/18/97 1:19 PM 3459 5ptstar.gif
10/18/97 1:19 PM 1739 5ptstar2.gif
12/6/97 11:16 AM 21817 a_candle.gif
10/25/98 6:11 AM 6383 angel1a.gif

From left to right, the information you see above is (1) date the file was posted on the web (2) time of posting (3) size of file (the larger the number the longer the download time) (4) name of file, hyperlinked. If you click on the hotlinked filename you will go to the picture. There are many more pictures in the directory, with more added on an ongoing basis. For example, the name of picture of the angel above is angel1hsl.gif and the name of the drawing of Mary and Joseph below is: mary-jos.gif

Mary and Joseph, starry night

Most web browsers, such as Netscape and Internet Explorer, allow you to download graphics by placing your mouse's cursor over the graphic, clicking the right button of the mouse, and selecting "Save Image As..." After you click on saving or sending an image to your computer, you will need to either select a directory into which to save the file or allow the file to go to a "default directory." As your computer saves the file, a little box will probably pop up and will tell you how much the file has been saved and then, finally, that the file has been saved.

The graphics will be in either GIF or JPG format, as in gbgm.gif or gbgm.jpg. If you would like to change the picture (color, size, make it transparent) , you will need graphics software such as Paint Shop Pro.

Let's go now to http://gbgm-umc.org/gifs/christmas/ and get some graphics.


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