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The scallop shell is a symbol of Holy Baptism with the three drops of water indicating the Trinity. The shell is also the symbol of Saint James the Greater, evangelist and first martyred apostle.

Poetry for Life
Small Green Shell

*Tis a Fearful Thing, an Anonymous Poem. It is a fearful thing to love what death can touch....

*Poems for Inspiration or Reflection
Some of the contemporary poems have been written by participants and CAM (Computerized AIDS Ministries) and/or DISC (Disability Concerns) Bulletin Boards.


Prayers, Litanies, Responsive Readings
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*AIDS and the Power of God's Goodness and Grace: A Responsive Reading by Cathie Lyons
Through Christ, the Savior, and the power of God's goodness and grace we are set free to love, to seek justice, to become all God intends us to be.

*We Are Love and Affirmed, A Corporate Prayer by Patricia D. Brown and Adele K. Wilcox
As a worshiping community, we have been challenged by such a moment as this! A moment when we know we are living with AIDS and that we are loved and affirmed.


Sermons, Meditations, Eulogies
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*The Dawn Has Come: Holy Week Sermon by Nancy A. Carter, 2002. "Death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the candle because the dawn has come." That's an affirmation my friend Debbi made after her husband BJ died of AIDS in 1993.

*The Cardinals' Blessing by Nancy A. Carter, a Spiritual Reflection for World AIDS Day 2001. New York City has been my home for 25 years. I was living here when HIV/AIDS first gained a toehold in the early 1980s. About 20 years later, I was in my apartment on the upper westside of Manhattan when the World Trade Center collapsed and thousands died. Gray and white smoke billowed up from that mass grave. The foreboding clouds could be seen for miles.

*I Wear a Red Ribbon, by Debbi Hood Johnson
There are those who believe the Red Ribbon has lost its meaning, that it's only an empty symbol now. I disagree! As long as my Red Ribbon gives someone the opportunity to ask me a question about AIDS, or gives someone the strength to go through another day encouraged by this small sign of support and solidarity, then its message is very clear

*My Eulogy, by Terry L. Boyd
There are a few things I would like to tell you that I think are very important. Let them be my legacy.

*Where Is the Promise? an Advent sermon by Drew Cottle
Christmases weren't always this hard. There were so many things that John Matthew didn't want to be reminded of. ...


Stories that Give Strength
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*Inspiring Stories of Living with AIDS
Some of the stories on this page are not only visited but re-visited many times by persons who find strength and comfort in them.

*Imagine Loving Your Child by Carol Blocksom
Imagine loving your child, imagine being willing to do anything you could to protect your child, and now imagine knowing that this virus lives in your child, every day, every night, you can never escape and you can't let down your guard.

*Life with Alex by Richard B. Cory
A father tells what is like to live with an 11-year old son who has AIDS.

*The Windmill by Nancy A. Carter
Charles suffered with AIDS, but he did not suffer the way that some do. He had love and he had courage which sustained him. God was with him. Charles reached out to friends and friends reached out to him. God was with him. Charles reached out to friends and friends reached out to him.


More Worship Resources
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*Memorials to People Who Have Died from HIV and AIDS
Memorials written by friends and families about their loved ones.

*World AIDS Day 2001
The theme is "God Cares, I Care, Do You?"

*World AIDS Day 2000
The theme is "AIDS: Men Make a Difference."

*World AIDS Day 1999
The theme is "Listen, Learn, Live!" Extensive resources include "Proverbs for Life," a litany, hymns, and scripture.

*World AIDS Day Resources 1998
The theme is "Focus on Young People."


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