Scallop Shell, Three Drops of Water (Baptismal Symbol)

We Are Love and Affirmed

A Corporate Prayer

The scallop shell is a symbol of Holy Baptism with the three drops of water indicating the Trinity. The shell is also the symbol of Saint James the Greater, evangelist and first martyred apostle.

As a worshiping community, we have been challenged by such a moment as this!

A moment when we know we are living with AIDS and that we are loved and affirmed.

A moment in which we can offer compassion to those with AIDS and HIV.

A moment where we can sit and comfort those who suffer illness or grieve loss.

A moment when we stand in solidarity with the care partners, health care workers, and researchers as they continue their diligent labor.

A moment and an opportunity to be with all those who are ill with any disease. Those worried, fearful or weary. Those carrying others in prayer.

In this moment:
We all stand in need of God's healing.


Small Green Shell

From Worship Resources for HIV & AIDS Ministries by Patricia D. Brown and Adele K. Wilcox, p. 8, copyright © Health and Welfare Ministries, General Board of Global Ministries, The United Methodist Church, Room 330, 475 Riverside Drive. Visit our AIDS Ministries Pages on the web at

This selection may be reproduced for worship services as long as the credit line above is included. It is not to be used for profit, but may be used for fund-raising for HIV/AIDS related causes.

Red line with Red Ribbons.

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