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arrow icon. European delegates prayerfully celebrate European Union expansion 
Eva Csernak (Hungary), General Conference 2004 The United Methodist General Conference took a moment from their demanding meeting schedule to celebrate the opportunities and challenges facing the ten nations joining the European Union today.
Source: General Conference
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Date posted: May 01, 2004
arrow icon. An open letter to the United Methodist Church in Germany 
We have been deeply shocked to learn of the deaths of our missionary couple, We have been deeply shocked to learn of the deaths of our missionary couple, Dr. Dietmar and Birgit Ziegler. In the early hours of this Saturday morning, they were fatally injured in a road accident just outside Nairobi on their way back to Maua. We received the news during today's meeting of our Commission on Mission.
Source: Mission Personnel
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Date posted: Oct 16, 2003
arrow icon. 'Methodistmobile' spreads Gospel across Europe 
As a boy, Martin Kienle dreamed of one day driving a bus or a truck. Now 29, he is living that dream, driving the state-of-the-art "EmK Mobil" bus (loosely translated as "Methodistmobile") for the German United Methodist Church. The $1 million bus is the church's rolling mission in Europe, traveling to conferences, festivals, shopping centers and other places to spread the Gospel.
Source: United Methodist News Service
More about: Christian love | Communities | Education | Evangelism | International affairs | Youth | Methodism | Europe | Germany |
Date posted: Aug 08, 2003
arrow icon. European Methodists find common ground at festival 
At first glance, it may be hard to imagine that European Methodists have met together in large numbers only twice: once during the Cold War and then again this summer. But considering everything that has conspired to keep them apart - differences in language, history, culture, church structure and geography, and even politically fraught visa application processes - one begins to appreciate what an achievement the July 30-Aug. 3 European Methodist Festival really is.
Source: United Methodist News Service
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Date posted: Aug 08, 2003
arrow icon. Church delegations speaking with European leaders about Iraq 
The Feb. 18 meeting at 10 Downing Street is the third such exchange about Iraq between U.S. religious leaders and European politicians.
Source: United Methodist News Service
More about: Advocacy | Ecumenical | International affairs | Peace | War | Europe | France | Germany | Iraq | Italy | Russia | United Kingdom | United States |
Date posted: Feb 19, 2003
arrow icon. The France You Never Knew - Faith, History, Cuisine and Culture: Primetimers Event 2003 
UMVIM logo In the gorgeous French setting, participants will learn and experience French culture and cuisine, study with experienced lecturers the life and work of the Nobel Prize winning humanitarian, Albert Schweitzer, Methodism in France and learn about the war history of the Alsace Area. Participants will spend one day in three countries, France, Switzerland and Germany.
Source: Mission Volunteers
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Date posted: Dec 16, 2002
arrow icon. European Methodists Prepare for a 2003 Wesley Festival:  A Report from the European Methodist Council Meeting in Stuttgart/Germany, September 9-10, 2002
Renovated Sanciai United Methodist Church, Kaunas, Lithuania European Methodists will use next years 300th anniversary of John Wesley’s birthday to invite the world to an All-Europe Methodist Festival. It will be held from July 30 to August 3, 2003 in Potsdam, Germany, near Berlin. Methodists from the United Methodist Churches in Europe, the British and Irish Methodist Church and the autonomous Methodist Churches of Southern Europe will gather to celebrate their common faith and heritage and to share their hope with one another.
Source: Mission Contexts and Relationships
More about: Communities | Ecumenical | International affairs | United Methodist Church | Europe | Germany |
Date posted: Oct 18, 2002
arrow icon. Report of Floods in Germany, Czech Republic, and other European Countries 
The Rev. Peter Siegfried, GBGM Executive Secretary for Europe and North Africa sends in a report after the Floods that brought much damage earlier this year and how United Methodists have helped and been helped.
Source: GBGM Administration
More about: Christian love | Communities | Emergencies | GBGM programs | Health | International affairs | Natural disasters | UMCOR | Austria | Czech Republic | Germany | Hungary | Russia | Slovakia |
Date posted: Sep 20, 2002
arrow icon. A Love Story 
Susan Sperl Shaw, missionary of the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church assigned to the English-speaking congregation in Hamburg, Germany, serves as a 'community enabler'. Thomas and Susan Shaw are assigned by the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church to Hamburg, Germany. An excerpt of their recent newsletter gives testimony of how prayer changes things.
Source: Missionary stories
More about: Children | Christian love | Communities | International affairs | Prayers | Germany |
Date posted: Aug 26, 2002
arrow icon. Eleven New Missionaries Commissioned 
GBGM Missionaries, left to right: Peggy Emberson, John Emberson, Eluzinete P. Garcia, Sam Greening, Anne-Marie Sinbagoye, John Chikwaira, Esther Gitobu, Umba Ilunga Kalangwa, Nancy Hoffman, Thomas Hoffman A new group of international missionaries, from six countries and seven annual conferences, have been sent forth by the General Board of Global Ministries to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through a variety of ministries. The 11 missionaries have been assigned to eight countries.
Source: GBGM Press Releases
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Date posted: Apr 05, 2002
arrow icon. Germans help Congolese find missionary home in Liberia 
Sending forth - With the help of United Methodists in Germany, a family of Congolese unable to return to their native country will begin missionary service in Liberia. The Mungombe family (left) receives a send-off from their home church, Lindenkirche, in Wittenau, Berlin. With the help of United Methodists in Germany, a Congolese family unable to return to their native country is beginning missionary service in Liberia.
Wala Dodee Olangi Mungombe and Katehe Pierre Mungombe were commissioned as missionaries in December by the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries. On Feb. 3, Lindenkirche, their home church in Wittenau, Berlin, and the local United Methodist district had their own sending ceremony for the Mungombes, who hope to leave Germany for Liberia by March 15, once final paperwork has cleared for their two children.

Source: United Methodist News Service
More about: Christian love | International affairs | Missionaries | Congo DR | Germany | Liberia |
Date posted: Feb 11, 2002
arrow icon. Global Praise in Germany 
Fantastic, fantastic, absolutely fantastic! On July 12th over 400 listeners enjoyed the Global Praise concert in the municipal hall in Korntal near Stuttgart (Baden-Württemberg) and at the conclusion many were so thrilled that they were speechless. Almost everyone of importance in the field of music in worldwide Methodism was present.
Source: GBGM Mission News
More about: Evangelization | Music | Germany |
Date posted: Jul 23, 2000
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