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arrow icon. Support Freedom in Burma! 
At the Spring 2002 board meeting, Women’s Division directors voted to support The Freedom Burma Act , which "prohibits the importation of any textile or apparel article that is produced, manufactured, or grown in Burma."
Source: United Methodist Women
More about: Advocacy | Civil rights | Communities | Conflict | Human rights | International affairs | Justice | Women | Myanmar-Burma |
Date posted: Jul 25, 2001
arrow icon. United Methodists Find Oppression in Myanmar  
NEW YORK (UMNS) — Women are especially oppressed in the country of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, according to three United Methodists who traveled there recently.
Source: United Methodist News Service
More about: Conflict | GBGM news | Human rights | Refugees | Asia and the Pacific Islands | Myanmar-Burma |
Date posted: Mar 27, 2001
arrow icon. United Methodists applaud Supreme Court review 
The Women's Division, United Methodist Board of Global Ministries, is applauding a Nov. 29 U.S. Supreme Court decision to review the Massachusetts Myanmar Law.
Source: GBGM Press Releases
More about: Advocacy | Conflict | Ethics | GBGM programs | Human rights | International affairs | Justice | Violence | War | Women | Myanmar-Burma | United States |
Date posted: Dec 01, 1999
arrow icon. Compensation for Comfort Women --Women's Division Resolution to General Conference
The urgency for the ministry of reconciliation has never been greater. For over fifty years the sexual enslavement of more than 200,000 women from Korea (80%), Malaysia, Burma, China, Taiwan, East Timor, Indonesia and the Pacific Islands, by the Japanese military and government, remains one of the "greatest unresolved injustices of the Second World War" as stated by the judges of the Women's War Crimes Tribunal.
Source: Women's Division
More about: General Conference | Human rights | Violence | War | Women | Asia and the Pacific Islands | East Timor | Korea | Malaysia | Myanmar-Burma |
Date posted: Aug 02, 1991
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