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arrow icon. Making the Global Conversation Possible: Around the Mission Initiatives Table 
Kara Oliver, mission volunteer in Malawi, and Pastor Kaunda baptize a new church member.

To introduce this issue of New World Outlook--which features a number of Global Ministries' staff members and their offices--I sat down with members of the Mission Initiatives team for a conversation about gospel and culture.
Source: New World Outlook
More about: Evangelism | Global connections | International affairs | Mission opportunities | United Methodist Church | Focus on Congregational Development | Philippines | Russia | Uganda | Venezuela |
Date posted: Nov 04, 2011

arrow icon. "Do What It Takes"--New Missionaries Challenged 
Yae Eun Kim, a fourth grader from the First United Methodist Church in Flushing, sings at the service, accompanied by Si Hwan Byun on the danso, the traditional Korean flute.

New York, NY, October 12, 2011--A dynamic Korean American church in one of earth's most ethnically diverse neighborhoods was the setting where ten new United Methodist missionaries were sent into the world on October 11.
Source: GBGM Mission News
More about: Children | Education | Evangelization | Family | Global connections | International affairs | Missionaries | Prayers | United Methodist Church | Youth | Focus on Leadership Development | Congo DR | Italy | Kazakhstan | Korea | Mongolia | Palestine | Uganda | Ukraine |
Date posted: Oct 12, 2011

arrow icon. Missionaries Prepare to be Sent Into the World 
Candidates for 2011 missionary commissioning

After more than three weeks of training, ten United Methodists will be commissioned and sent to missionary assignments around the world. Global Ministries executive Judy Chung says that the training helps prepare the individuals for the mission field while building a foundation of support.
Source: GBGM Mission News
More about: Evangelization | Mission opportunities | Missionaries | United Methodist Church | Youth | Focus on Leadership Development | Congo DR | Italy | Kazakhstan | Palestine | Uganda | Ukraine |
Date posted: Oct 04, 2011

arrow icon. The UMCOR Hotline for April 19, 2011 
In Today's Hotline: UMCOR: New Funding for Japan, Haiti GLOBAL: Imagine No Malaria Webcast, April 20 US: Spring Storms JAPAN : Volunteers Advisory UGANDA: Livelihoods Support for Mudslide Survivors
Source: UMCOR
More about: Emergencies | Health | Natural disasters | Newsletters | UMCOR | United Methodist Church | Haiti | Japan | Uganda | World |
Date posted: Apr 19, 2011
arrow icon. Step Out! Become a Global Justice Volunteer or Summer Intern: United Methodist Opportunities for Young Adults
Global Justice Volunteer, Lindsey Lovvorn-Zimmerman, exchanges smiles with a student at a school outside Nairobi, Kenya.

Applications due March 31, 2011 Young people are needed to live out their faith through social justice by interning and volunteering around the world and in the United States this summer.
Source: GBGM Mission News
More about: AIDS/HIV | Education | Global connections | Human rights | Justice | Mission opportunities | Volunteers | Youth | Focus on Leadership Development | Kenya | Uganda |
Date posted: Feb 25, 2011

arrow icon. Uganda Bombing 
Pastor Peter Mutabazi (right) with his wife, Alice.  Pastor Mutabazi was killed in the July 11 bombings in Uganda.

People were gathered in Kampala, Uganda, as they were all over the world, to watch and celebrate the final game of the World Cup, when three bombs created mayhem. The bombings in a suburb, a restaurant, and a rugby field killed at least 74 and injured at least 71. Included in the list of reported deaths was Pastor Peter Mutabazi of the Bwaise Pentecostal Church, a small United Methodist church that serves the poorest of the poor in Kampala.
Source: GBGM Mission News
More about: Conflict | International affairs | Missionaries | Volunteers | Mission updates | Uganda |
Date posted: Jul 14, 2010

arrow icon. United Methodist Agency Urges Uganda Not to Adopt "Draconian" Anti-Gay Law 

New York, NY, December 16, 2009--Anti- homosexual legislature pending in the East African country of Uganda is "draconian" and should not be enacted, according to the head of The United Methodist Church's international mission organization.
Source: GBGM Mission News
More about: AIDS/HIV | Civil rights | Health | Human rights | International affairs | Justice | Violence | Welfare | Focus on Leadership Development | Uganda |
Date posted: Dec 16, 2009

arrow icon. The UMCOR Hotline for March 4, 2008 
In Today's Hotline- UGANDA: Hope and Relief for Kenya Refugees; US: Katrina Volunteers Show Continued Support; UMCOR: Thank You For Your Giving; RESOURCES: Satisfying Hunger in Armenia—New Report to Donors
Source: UMCOR
More about: Emergencies | Hunger | Natural disasters | One Great Hour of Sharing | Refugees | United Methodist Church | Africa | Armenia | Kenya | Uganda |
Date posted: Mar 04, 2008
arrow icon. Global Praise in the East Africa Conference
 April 27-May 12, 2007

The first impression we had of Uganda was the warm moist air coming off of Lake Victoria. The beauty of the countryside soon became apparent as we rode from the airport. In that first hour we experienced a view of Lake Victoria, the greenness of the countryside, the capital city of Kampala, the bustle of Saturday morning roadside markets, and the unique place in the crossroad of Uganda that the city of Mukono holds.
Source: Evangelization and Church Growth
More about: Evangelism | Evangelization | GBGM programs | Music | Uganda |
Date posted: Feb 20, 2008
arrow icon. The UMCOR hotline for August 07, 2007 
UMCOR Emergency Response In Today's Hotline: India: Flood Relief US: Flood Buckets Needed Liberia: A New Beginning Uganda: Malaria and Kids
Source: UMCOR
More about: Advocacy | Communities | Donations | Ecumenical | Emergencies | Environment | Hunger | Immigration | UMCOR | United Methodist Church | Action alerts | India | Liberia | Uganda | United States |
Date posted: Aug 07, 2007
arrow icon. New Bishop Conveys Hope for East Africa 
Bishop Wandabula, the youngest and newest bishop of the United Methodist Church visited the GBGM in August 2006.  Back row, from left to right, William Bamusute, Humble United Methodist School, David Muwaya, Project Coordinator, Bishop Daniel Wandabula, Dr. Eric Ikoona, Medical Coordinator, 
Front row, Missionary Abraham Sellu, Betty Wandabula, and Caroline Njuki, executive with Global Ministries.
New York, New York, August 14, 2006--“I come with a lot of humbleness and challenges,” said Bishop Daniel Wandabula, the newest and youngest episcopal leader of The United Methodist Church, who was elected to head the vast East Africa Annual Conference last May.
Source: GBGM Press Releases
More about: Advocacy | Christian love | Communities | GBGM news | International affairs | United Methodist Church | Partners/partnerships | Methodism | Africa | Burundi | Kenya | Rwanda | Sudan | Uganda |
Date posted: Aug 14, 2006
arrow icon. United Methodists Elect Ugandan Pastor as New Bishop  
Bishop Daniel Wandabula is consecrated May 28 at Ehnes Memorial Church near Mutare, Zimbabwe. The United Methodist Church's newest bishop is the Rev. Daniel Wandabula of Uganda. Wandabula, 41, is a pastor and former dean of superintendents and project coordinator for the Uganda/Sudan District of the denomination's East Africa Annual (regional) Conference.
Source: United Methodist News Service
More about: United Methodist Church | Methodism | Africa | Sudan | Uganda |
Date posted: May 31, 2006
arrow icon. Letter from Uganda: Menace of Malaria Still Threatens Africans 
Rossette Kemigish, the nurse at Humble Place School, treated 279 children for malaria last year. The rains have come to central Uganda. This is good. But it also means the menace of malaria will return as well. This is the experience of Rossette Kemigish, school nurse at the United Methodist-related orphanage and primary school known as Humble Place in Mukono District, about 30 kilometers outside Kampala.
Source: United Methodist News Service
More about: Children | Donations | GBGM programs | Health | Poverty | UMCOR | United Methodist Church | Advance | Africa | Uganda |
Date posted: Jan 20, 2006
arrow icon. At last they arrived! A Michigan congregation joyfully sponsors a refugee family from Uganda 
John and Sarah Chuol and their children and John's brother, Michael pose for a photo upon their arrival at Genesis UMC, Ada, Michigan. World Refugee Day was June 20th. This story shows one refugee family's warm welcome by Genesis UMC, Ada, Michigin. This church has a history of sponsoring several families who have resettled in the US.
Source: UMCOR
More about: Christian love | Family | GBGM programs | Human rights | Immigration | Refugees | UMCOR | United Methodist Church | North Central U.S. | Uganda | United States | Sudan |
Date posted: Jun 22, 2005
arrow icon. Teen Mom Beats Odds 
 Artisha, age 17, is the mother of two sons, Tre- Zjaun, 1, and Tre-Viawntae, 2½, and recently graduated from high school with honors thanks to Atlantic Street Center, a United Methodist national mission institution.
Source: Community and Institutional Ministries
More about: Children | Christian love | Communities | Education | Family | United Methodist Church | Women | Youth | Uganda | United States | Western U.S. |
Date posted: Nov 01, 2004
arrow icon. Letter from Uganda: Humble Place will offer hope to children 
Sometimes you look at yourself and can’t imagine how or why you landed in a particular moment – but you absolutely wouldn’t be anywhere else. That’s the situation I find myself in as I dodge cars and motorized bikes in the bustling city of Kampala, capital of Uganda.
Source: United Methodist News Service
More about: AIDS/HIV | Children | Christian love | Education | Health | United Methodist Church | Partners/partnerships | Uganda |
Date posted: Jun 30, 2003
arrow icon. Congo's leader in peace talks 
Congolese President Joseph Kabila recently met with his Ugandan counterpart and foe Yoweri Museveni to discuss ways of ending armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. "Among other things, we discussed the importance of implementing an existing ceasefire agreement," said President Kabila.
Source: GBGM Mission News
More about: Advocacy | Communities | Conflict | Human rights | International affairs | Peace | Refugees | War | Congo DR | Tanzania | Uganda |
Date posted: Jul 16, 2001
arrow icon. A Million Africans Newly Infected with HIV This Year 
New figures show an estimated 3.8 million people became infected with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa during the year 2000, bringing the total number of people living with HIV or AIDS in the region to 25.3 million, up nearly a million from last year's figure.
Source: UNAIDS
More about: AIDS/HIV | Health | Africa | Uganda |
Date posted: Dec 01, 2000
arrow icon. United Methodists Plan Projects for Uganda 
The Ugandan church is now in the hands of three able district superintendents, led by the Rev. Daniel Wandabula. Relations with the Ugandan government are good.
Source: GBGM Mission News
More about: Children | Conflict | Health | Human rights | Hunger | Missionaries | Poverty | Africa | Uganda |
Date posted: Oct 24, 2000
arrow icon. Small Arms and Light Weapons Proliferating in Africa 
A proliferation of machine guns, rifles, grenades, pistols and other small arms is reportedly causing the death and displacement of many innocent civilians on the African continent.
Source: GBGM Mission News
More about: Conflict | International affairs | Violence | Africa | Congo | Congo DR | Uganda |
Date posted: Aug 21, 2000
arrow icon. Rwandan and Ugandan Troops Battle in Congo 
Kisangani, Congo's third largest city and a diamond center, is in the midst of a blood bath. Rwandan and Ugandan troops have been battling each other for the past few days for control of the city. Reuters news reported that "decaying bodies lay in the streets of Kisangani, where frightened residents hid from artillery and small arms."
Source: GBGM Mission News
More about: Conflict | International affairs | War | Africa | Congo | Congo DR | Rwanda | Uganda |
Date posted: Jun 14, 2000
arrow icon. Congolese Religious Leaders' Peace Initiative 
As the war between Congolese government soldiers continues against Rwandan and Ugandan-backed rebels, Congolese religious leaders representing Muslims and Christians, including The United Methodist Church, recently organized a forum to "identify causes of the war and obstacles to peace" in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Source: GBGM Mission News
More about: International affairs | United Methodist Church | War | Africa | Congo | Congo DR | Rwanda | Uganda |
Date posted: Apr 10, 2000
arrow icon. Mission board will use wind-up radios to spread information 
A real "hands-on" approach to mission was demonstrated during the April 3-6 United Methodist Board of Global Ministries meeting when each director was given a wind-up radio to use as a fund-raising tool.
Source: United Methodist News Service
More about: AIDS/HIV | Global connections | International affairs | United Methodist Church | Mission updates | Africa | Uganda | Zambia |
Date posted: Apr 07, 2000
arrow icon. U.N. Designates January 2000 "Africa Month" 
January 2000, designated "Africa Month" by the United Nations, has been set aside by the U.N. Security Council to tackle Africa's problems. Among issues on the agenda are the "devastating impact of AIDS" and continuing armed conflicts on the African continent.
Source: GBGM Mission News
More about: Advocacy | AIDS/HIV | Children | Communities | Education | Family | GBGM news | Health | International affairs | Poverty | Africa | Angola | Congo DR | Eritrea | Ethiopia | Kenya | Rwanda | Sierra Leone | Sudan | Uganda | Zimbabwe |
Date posted: Jan 24, 2000
arrow icon. Interview with South Congo Annual Conference Bishop Katembo Kainda 
My name is Katembo Kainda. I am the Bishop of South Congo. The south Congo Annual Conference has four different conferences with about 600 churches, 400 pastors and 300,000 members.
Source: GBGM Mission News
More about: International affairs | United Methodist Church | War | Africa | Congo | Congo DR | Rwanda | Uganda |
Date posted: Nov 15, 1999
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