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arrow icon. A Journey to Flood Ravaged Guyana 
A waterline high on a red picket fence dramatically shows the height the floodwater reached at the New Hope Community just east of Georgetown. Georgetown is the capital of Guyana on the northeast cost of South America. Weeks after the late January flood, water still remains in this hardest hit area. As it slowly recedes, an awful odor comes up from the wet, soggy ground. Garbage is in piles on the ground along with the occasional bloated remains of a dead animal. Stray cattle pick at the rubbish.
Source: Mission Volunteers
More about: AIDS/HIV | Children | Christian love | Communities | GBGM programs | Missionaries | Natural disasters | United Methodist Church | Volunteers | Water | Partners/partnerships | Methodism | Guyana |
Date posted: Feb 28, 2005
arrow icon. UMCOR Hotline, February 15, 2005 
UMCOR Emergency Response The heaviest rains in a century have flooded broad sections of coastal Guyana and displaced nearly half the population of 750,000. Thousands of volunteers are needed to help rebuild roofs, walls, and interiors following 2004 hurricane season in which four storms swept over the southeast. An UMCOR worker has begun laying the groundwork for UMCOR operations in Sri Lanka.
Source: UMCOR
More about: Emergencies | Natural disasters | Special Sundays | UMCOR | United Methodist Church | Volunteers | Tsunami | Asia and the Pacific Islands | Guyana | Indonesia | South Eastern U.S. | Sri Lanka | United States |
Date posted: Feb 15, 2005
arrow icon. Corporations: Linking you to the world UMW Action Alert
Increasingly, the activities of international corporations are guided by a desire to maximize profits at almost any cost. Here are ways that you – the U.S. consumer – are linked to corporations and the effects they have on local and global communities.
Source: Women's Division
More about: Advocacy | Children | Economy | Finance | Globalization | Loans | Bangladesh | Cambodia | Guyana | Haiti | Honduras | Liberia | Zambia | Zimbabwe |
Date posted: Nov 03, 2003
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