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photo of a burned church.
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Current News About Church Arsons from Google News.

Mission Leader Sees Church Burnings as Attack on Religious Liberty, GBGM, February 8, 2005
The chief mission executive of The United Methodist Church sees a new outbreak of church burnings as an attack on religious liberty and a sign of the need for healing in the lives of the arsonists and society.

Burned Methodist Churches 1990-2000
Statistics from the National Church Arson Registry

Hate Crime Data Collection Project
United Methodists are making a difference by watching and listening for evidence of hate and violence-- year 2001 updated materials.

Rebuilding Burned Churches by Christie R. House
The complete article with pictures about the re-building of Gay's Hill Baptist Church.

The Church's Response to Hate-Group Violence by Joe Agne
This article, which was originally published in New World Outlook magazine, features 10 Essential Steps for dealing with hate groups before and after they come to town.

News Archives 1996-2001.

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