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Jesus and Courageous Women

Cover of the Youth Study Book for Jesus and Courageous Women    The line art illustrations on the following pages were drawn by Doris Pritchett for the book Jesus and Courageous Women: Youth Study (picture right) by Ann Craig.

    Jesus and Courageous Women is United Methodist Women's spiritual growth study for 2001-2002. Order the study books today!

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Browsing the Art Library

    Each page has several "thumbnail" drawings. Click on the thumbnail picture to see a larger picture. It will be a "low resolution" drawing that can printed from the web for personal use or downloaded and used on web pages that relate to the study Jesus and Courageous Women of the Bible. [See copyright information]

   Below the thumbnail picture on each page is the name of the larger picture, its size in bytes, and its width in pixels. High resolution pictures range from 100,000-600,000 bytes and open in a new window.

Browsing the Directory

   If you prefer, you can browse in the directories themselves. Clicking on the preceding link will cause you to jump out of frames so it will be easier to browse.

Note: When you browse you will find more versions of the pictures than you will find by using the art library. They will include different sizes of the same picture and, in some cases, different versions. For example, one version of Mary and Martha has their conversation on it (comic book art style).

Downloading or Saving the Picture to Your Computer

   To save (download) the picture to your computer, right click on it and choose from the menu item that allows you to save images. Most web browsers, such as Netscape and Internet Explorer, allow you to download graphics by placing your mouse's cursor over the graphic, clicking the right button of the mouse, and selecting "Save Image As..."

   After you click on the menu item for saving or sending an image to your computer, select a directory into which to save the file or allow the file to go to the directory automatically chosen by your computer. (Be sure to note where that directory is!) As your computer saves the file, a little box will probably pop up and will tell you how much the file has been saved and then, finally, that the file has been saved.


   Permission granted by the artist, Doris Pritchett, for educational use of these drawings with the study on Jesus and Courageous Women. You may also keep a copy for personal use on your own computer or as a printed page. The following notice must be posted on all copies, either on the art itself or the page upon which it is reproduced:

From Jesus and Courageous Women: Youth Study by Ann Craig (New York: Women's Division, General Board of Global Ministries, The United Methodist Church). The art is copyright © 2000 Doris Pritchett. Visit our web page at

For any other use, contact Doris Pritchett at:

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Jesus and Courageous Women of the Bible
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The line art illustrations are copyright © 2000 Doris Pritchett. They are reproduced from Jesus and Courageous Women: Youth Study by Ann Craig (New York: Women's Division, General Board of Global Ministries, The United Methodist Church). Used with permission.


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